As listed in the Spring Cleaning Campaign (2010), a new website has been designed for Ronin. The new site is Jekyll based and hosted on GitHub.

Much of the website is written in Markdown, which makes writting new content a breeze. As always, we accept edits to the site, simply fork the site, commit your changes and send one of the Ronin developers a pull-request.

You’ll probably notice that we also added a few new sections to the site. The front page now shows three random examples pulled from the Examples section, illustrating some of the things Ronin can do in a few lines. One can even subscribe to an Atom feed of the Examples, to get the latest tricks.

The Downloads link in the menu now points to an actual downloads page, containing links to .tar.gz, .zip and .gem files of Ronin.

Lastly, Ronin now has a Developer Blog with DISQUS powered comments.