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This class is part of a private API. You should avoid using this class if possible, as it may be removed or be changed in the future.

Decode each character of data from a variety of encodings.


ronin decode [options] [FILE ...]


-f, --file FILE                  Optional file to process
    --string STRING              Optional string to process
-M, --multiline                  Process each line separately
-n, --keep-newlines              Preserves newlines at the end of each line
    --base16                     Base16 decodes the data
    --base32                     Base32 decodes the data
-b, --base64=[strict|url]        Base64 decodes the data
-z, --zlib                       Zlib compresses the data
-g, --gzip                       gzip compresses the data
-c, --c                          Encodes the data as a C string
-X, --hex                        Hex decode the data (ex: "414141...")
-H, --html                       HTML decodes the data
-u, --uri                        URI decodes the data
    --http                       HTTP decodes the data
-j, --js                         JavaScript decodes the data
-S, --shell                      Encodes the data as a Shell String
-P, --powershell                 Encodes the data as a PowerShell String
    --punycode                   Decodes the data as Punycode
-Q, --quoted-printable           Decodes the data as Quoted Printable
-R, --ruby                       Ruby decodes the data
    --uudecode                   uudecodes the data
-x, --xml                        XML decodes the data
-h, --help                       Print help information


[FILE ...]                       Optional file(s) to process


  • 2.0.0

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