ronin-support 0.5.0.rc2, ronin 1.5.0.rc2 and ronin-gen 1.2.0.rc2 have been released.

$ gem install ronin-support ronin ronin-gen --pre


  • ronin-support-0.5.0.rc2.gem
    • MD5: f6e8039f25723612ffc634d1c6ca0854
    • SHA1: 14df56b762b4a8a2439551e638b76c9a6375adde
    • PGP
  • ronin-1.5.0.rc2.gem
    • MD5: 95746681d6cdbfd385bed63b43166b5f
    • SHA1: edc5e60fa415843f882802c8ef059ee37a8dd49e
    • PGP
  • ronin-gen-1.2.0.rc2.gem
    • MD5: 8bd309dccb32e585f0c2e585bb7ab29d
    • SHA1: ecc6efba1c674de73ea649b1051d76077c91ea44
    • PGP


How Can You Help?

We would love your help testing these release candidates. Here are some things you can do:

  1. Install the Gems:

     $ gem install ronin-support ronin ronin-gen --pre
  2. Test the new code, such as Integer#pack, Float#pack, Array#pack, String#unpack, Ronin::Binary::Struct, Ronin::Network::TCP::Proxy (example) and Ronin::Network::UDP::Proxy (example).
  3. Test the new commands, such as ronin-net-proxy.
  4. Review the new man-pages.

     $ ronin-help wordlist
  5. Review the documentation:

     $ yard server -g -d
     $ $BROWSER http://localhost:8808/docs/ronin-support/0.5.0.rc2/frames
     $ $BROWSER http://localhost:8808/docs/ronin/1.5.0.rc2/frames
     $ $BROWSER http://localhost:8808/docs/ronin-gen/1.2.0.rc2/frames
If Ronin interests you or you like the work we do, consider donating to Ronin on GitHub, Patreon, or Open Collective so we can continue building high-quality free and Open Source security tools and Ruby libraries.