Installing Ronin on FreeBSD

Copy/Paste Instructions

sudo pkg install -y gcc make ruby readline sqlite
sudo gem install ronin

Detailed Breakdown

Build Dependencies

First we will need to install gcc and make. These are required to install gems which contain C extensions (aka C bindings) to other C libraries, such as the sqlite3 gem which compiles against libsqlite3.

sudo pkg install -y gcc make


Next, we will need to install Ruby >= 3.0.0, which should already be available in your system’s package manager.

sudo pkg install -y ruby

C libraries

Then, we will need to install various C libraries which are used by some of the Ruby gems, such as libsqlite3 which is required by the sqlite3 gem.

sudo pkg install -y readline sqlite


Now that everything else is installed, it is time to install Ronin!

sudo gem install ronin


Assuming no errors occur, you should now be able to run ronin:

ronin help


Ruby and many ruby gems will not work if the LANG environment variable is not set or set to C. Make sure that LANG is set to a UTF8 language, such as en_US.UTF-8.